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ExtraCare Service Plan

ExtraCare Service Plan

Having an ExtraCare Service Plan means you’re protected if anything goes wrong. Our nationwide team of specialist engineers will get you up and running in no time at all.

    The ExtraCare Service Plan includes:
  • Ongoing support and maintenance
    • We get you set up
    • If you have problems, we find out what’s going wrong and fix it
    • We arrange for an engineer to call
  • Annual health check - Give us a call and we’ll check that your kit is still working properly. If you have problems, we’ll send an engineer to fix them. If your product is portable you may be asked to bring it into store.
  • Breakdown - The ExtraCare Service Plan you for repairs if your product breaks down.
  • New for old - If your product can’t be repaired or the cost of repair is more expensive than getting a new item, then we’ll replace it with an equivalent product.
  • Quick call outs and fast repairs - We have a team of more than 500 specialist engineers working nationwide - so there’s usually someone available to come and visit you within two working days.
  • Unlimited repairs - We’ll keep repairing your stuff, no matter how many times it breaks down.
  • No call out charges and nothing more to pay - We you for the cost of all repairs, including parts, labour, callout and VAT.
  • Worldwide support - If the breakdown happens while you’re abroad, we’ll get a local repair agent to fix it for you.

We recommend getting an ExtraCare Service Plan at the same time as you buy - but you can purchase a Service Plan for up to 30 days afterwards by calling 0844 800 95 95.

Find out more about the ExtraCare Service Plan by clicking here.

For a full list of prices and terms and conditions, click here.

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